Monday, October 12, 2009

Trash to Treasure

My sweet, considerate hunk of a man brought home a drawer that he found being discarded at one of his work sites last week.  I had mentioned to him that I was on the lookout for one to transform into a shelf.

Yesterday he spent most of the morning in his garage shop adding little shelves and something to hang it with and emerged with an AWESOME shelf to hold some of my rubber stamps.  I am so excited!  After he hung it I started looking around my studio gathering some of my favorite stamps to display.  This lead me to think that maybe I should put stamps on there that I would use the most in the coming weeks - Halloween is right around the corner and I collect all things Halloween.  I think I will change this little display with the seasons or various holidays but I wanted to share with you how it came to be and what it looks like now.


So, there it is at this point.  Thanks for looking!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Backyard is My Sanctuary

I've always loved working and relaxing outdoors. When I lived in apartments I made it my first priority to have a large balcony or patio so I could have a small garden and an outdoor sanctuary. When I bought my house I was more excited about planting my gardens than finishing the indoors. I've been in my house for 7 years this December and, while I don't have the money to do the yard the way I'd really like to - I'm pretty satisfied with what I've got so far. I'm still anticipating that huge lottery win though.

Following are some pictures (clicking on a picture should bring it up full size) of the yard...

Here is a funny picture of my Manx kitten Brutus who is discovering the joys of climbing - everything. This is the trellis Chris and I put up to hold the Moon Vine.

The evergreen tree next to the window was thoughtfully planted for me by a passing bird I suppose. I know I didn't plant it - but it sure is nice. I'm wondering how big it will get because I don't want it to cover the window. It grew a lot in the past year.

We had a rough time with our herb/pepper garden this year because the weather was so horribly hot but since it has cooled down some they are looking good and trying to provide us with some treats now.

We also planted Hyacinth Bean on another trellis and it has been been so fun to watch grow. The bees love it and I've heard the hummingbirds do as well but so far the little guy who visits my yard seems to prefer the wild morning glory (below) that volunteered and sort of looks like Sigmund the Sea Monster (according to Chris and it's been verified by a few of our friends).

In writing this I seem to have had an affinity for vining things because this is another trellis which is growing a newly planted purple honeysuckle (you can barely see the trellis against the fence behind my still small Live Oak). I LOVE the smell of honeysuckle and remember it growing wild in my neighborhood when I was a kid. We would always snap off a few sprigs and tear off the flower to suck the "honey" at the bottom.

And finally here are a couple pictures of some of my favorite backyard critters. My boyfriend Chris who loves being out there just as much as I do. We start the day with coffee on the patio and wind down in the evenings with wine (beer in his case) every evening. He's here with one of my dogs - Bucky - and they both are trying to rev themselves up for a day of yard work.

A parting shot of Brutus because he is always within about 15 feet of me no matter what I do. My other cats are too dignified for me now but they are somewhere in the garden watching what's going on. I believe cats are the soul of the garden.