Friday, September 13, 2013

Gifts given

I wanted to post a few things that I've made lately that I've given to other people for whatever reason.  Usually, I'm taking the pictures in a big hurry on the way to the post office so I'm not thinking about lighting or angles etc.  I just want to document the sweat and tears heheh.

The above is a mug rug that I made from a design from Der Stickbaer.   The site is in German and English I believe and there are some nice in the hoop designs here.

This is a set of dishtowels completely handmade by little ol' me.  I purchased a linen fabric the ric-rac and fabric accent band and embroidered the veggies using designs from Embroidery Library.  I like them so much I need a set for myself. (click the picture to get a the picture to pop up bigger)

The pillow was for a friend who works at the cutting counter at JoAnn's.  She is always so upbeat and I loved it when she was working  while I was working my shift selling sewing machines.  The cutting counter and our little store- within-a-store is right next to that area.  Designs from Embroidery Library.

Allllllll of this stuff was a late Christmas gift to my mom, there's a thread-catcher bag with Bluebirds embroidered in their little house, an eye mask for naps, a triangle pouch that I laminated also to hold threads, a pincushion filled with crushed walnut shells and a 10-minute table runner that was really about that long to make. Designs from Embroidery Library.

Above is a cute little purse from one of the Husqvarna-Viking packs and also built into the Designer Diamond Deluxe. This was SUPER easy to do in the hoop.  The hardest part of this was picking out about 4 grey thread colors to contrast.  It is lined in green satin.

Viola!  There you have a plethora of stuff that I remembered to snap photos of.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pouch Cubed - Little Square Bags

I've been working part-time at a local Husqvarna-Viking dealer and in between customers I have time to work on projects.  Lately I've been having fun making these cute little bags. The pattern is by Leah Williams of Sew Spoiled and is called Pouch Cubed.

The first one, using the Batik fabric, that I did I just used a soft interfacing and it's pretty flimsy.

Then I found this awesome "Where the Wild Things Are" print and used a craft type interfacing and it had more body but is a little more"crumpley".

And finally, I enlarged the pattern on the copier and used an old test stitch out for an embroidery design and made this one.  I think some people I know will be getting these as gifts.

What I didn't show is the lining.  Half the fun is choosing a contrasting lining and zipper.  These are fun to make and go together in about an hour.  The pattern is available on Etsy I believe.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

iPhone Case

I purchased an iPhone not too long ago and the next day I made a felt case for it using the tutorial from Lana Red Studio.
The embroideries front and back are from OESD packs called Natural Settings and Woodland Spring.
Here are a few pictures and then I'm over and out.

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Misc. Finishes

It's been a while since I've posted anything so I thought I'd fill in some "dead space" with some of my finished projects from the past year or two.  I never think I get that much done but then when I go back and look through my photos I realize that  I actually did accomplish some finishes.  Yay me!

The Green Man design is from Urban Threads with the corners from a pack from OESD but I didn't look it up. If anyone is interested I'll let them know.

Below is a little pressing pad that you would use under your embroidery machines hoop while doing "in-the-hoop" projects.  I can tell you I wish I had it while I was making it.  This one comes from the book Piece in the Hoop by Larisa Bland.  I did remove some of the design which was written text and added the crazy little flower instead.

The steno pad cover is by This and That patterns called Nice and Easy Notes.  The design on the front using applique is from OESD.  It came out a little wonky because I did in quickly in class and didn't take the time to cut the pieces out very straight but since I kept if for myself I'm cool with that.

There you go.  An update!
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