Sunday, September 9, 2012

Seen and completed in one day - a world's record!

One of the things I've always admired (and been nervous to try to do) is free motion quilting / embroidery.  This morning on Quilting Arts TV there was a short segment on this type of thing that I thought just might be a good beginner project and as an artistic bonus it also involved painting on fabric.

Basic steps were to draw a simple picture (so simple that I copied their dragonfly idea) copy that off onto a piece of fabric which is then placed on top of batting and free motion quilted. Once you do that you simply dilute acrylic paint 6 parts to 1 and go to town painting.  The paint does bleed but I liked the effect.  Once it dries you layer that piece onto felt and use a decorative thread and a nice stitch to stitch to the felt.   

 Thank goodness it was supposed to have a stitchy-sketchy look but if I ever get good at this one day I know I'll probably look back on this example and get dry heaves. Hehehe. It was fun though.  Now I need to take a drawing class because that dragonfly was stretching the limits of my skills in that area and even so it  was copied from the TV show.
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