Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Early Machine Embroidery Projects

When I first put up this post about 10 minutes ago I typed up a wonderfully detailed blurb about each set of pictures.  When I went to save and post I got some kind of wacked out error message and viola! no words.  So all I will say is these were some of my first machine embroidery projects.  All designs were purchased at Embroidery Library except the tiki head and ahoy that came from Urban Threads.  Oh, I should mention that I don't document myself very well and some of these were taken with my cell phone and hence a really cruddy photo. Also, after reading back through earlier posts I see that a couple of these were posted a while back.  So, you're getting double goodness.
Above is a reusable sandwich bag with a lining made out of ripstop nylon.  The tutorial and design can be found on Embroidery Library's site
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