Friday, June 8, 2012

Potholder for Lotta

Lotta is a wonderful blogger who is a member of one of my yahoo groups.  Her blog, Squirrels Do Sew, is a good one to keep an eye on because she posts something almost daily.

This is a potholder tutorial she posted a while back and Lotta was very helpful to me when I got stuck and had a few questions about the project.  I promised her I would send her a photo of the finished project but since it was almost exactly like hers I hesitated.  It's hard to improve upon perfection don't you think?

The Pepper and Salt designs both came from Embroidery Library.

Thanks Lotta!

1 comment:

Squirrels do Sew said...

Thanks Molly. The potholder looks really nice. I like the red accent
on the salt part /Lotta