Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sewing Room Redo - Intermediate Stage

I like to say this is the room in the "intermediate stage" because it is still pretty disorganized.  I carefully edited out the extra messy parts - like under the cutting table.  Anyway, underneath that fancy machine cover sits my Brother 2800 that you saw in my earlier post. The cover is ACTUALLY for my new-to-me Pfaff Creative Vision 5.5 (hello 14"x14" embroidery sewing area) but since I use the Pfaff more - I use it to cover poor Brother.  It's so traitorous because the designs used on the cover are actually built in designs on my Pfaff.   You can see my darling Pfaff two pictures below but you won't see a caption near it because Blogspot is being silly right now and won't let me move around. So, peruse the room at your own pace.  A reminder that clicking on any photo will bring it up bigger (except for the first one - again Blogspot weirdness).
Above are a few shots of my 2 new Billy bookcases from Ikea.  I was able to squeeze one in next to my Pfaff sewing area.  It's holding some of my embroidery thread, my Janome Embellisher, Anita Goodesign embroidery packs and the other holds mostly fabric wrapped around the comic book backer boards as you can see above.

I sacrifice some good wall space to have a bed in here but I love to lay down and read while the machine embroiders and it's a good place to plan out my next project.  I also love it at night.  The Black Willow is next to this window and a huge wild rose right below so there is always a bird out there hanging around.  From that window, I can look out to the start of wild fields and a hill with small herd of cattle and look up to the stars at night and, if I get lucky, and it's cool enough for the window to be open I might hear the owl that comes around sometimes.  See how I wax poetic over this bed...
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