Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Yard - Before the Summer Smackdown

I moved into this house on December 11, 2002 six months after moving to Austin from Atlanta, GA.  I watched it go from a dirt lot to my own little nest.  It even came with my first dog Bucky.  He was roaming one of the nearby fields with a few other dogs. The day I saw my newly poured driveway he was curled up sleeping on it.  He's never left and he's the BEST dog.

The first two years I lived here my parents came and helped me plant the flower beds in front, moved a live oak from the front yard to the back yard and just helped me get it going.  Incidentally, I am one of about 5 people out of 250 who had the foresight (ok the folks had the foresight) to put a tree in the backyard and I am SOOOO thankful.

My folks haven't been to visit since so I took a few pictures yesterday to show them how it's grown up and what I've added to the yard.  It looks pretty good considering the horrible drought we had last year.  I tried to water but we had severe water restrictions and with 90 days of over 90 degree weather and something like 60 of 100plus it was brutal.

This rose is a good deal longer and taller than my Honda Civic.  It is an antique rose called Mrs. B.R. Cant and actually looks better from my neighbors side.

The tall tree on the side reaching above my house was planted by a bird.  I have a few of those and they all grew really fast.

There's Bucky walking away to see if one of his cat buddies is in the cat "yard inspection" chair.  The tree you see there is another bird planted tree and is a mulberry tree.
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